Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lamp Makeover

I found two of these lamps at a garage sale. They pretty much looked like some that my mom had when I was growing up--very 70's or 80's. At first I didn't think much about them, but then I thought to myself, I think they have potential. I have a tiny bit of rewiring lamp experience and thought the challenge would be fun. So I took them home. Took them completely apart--which was much easier than it sounds. Just make a diagram, if necessary, so you can remember how to put them back together. Next, I completely washed and dried the lamp parts. Then I took all the gold metal parts and primed them and then spray painted them with 3-4 coats of enamel spray paint. I found a couple of new lamp shades that I would eventually like to make little skirts for, but in the meantime they are pretty cute. I love my new lamps!

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